Jeremy Mann jeremy at biochem.uthscsa.edu
Tue Jan 10 17:12:08 CST 2006

Christoph Willing said:

> You're right about a default matrix, which is nothing like what you
> really want it to be. When you "connect" to the AP400, you should see
> a popup window asking whether you want to synchronise to Document or
> to the hardware (I'm not sure of the exact wording - but something
> like that). Until you have a saved version of your setup, choose the
> hardware rather than document option. The reason is that APWARE has
> no idea of your hardware's configuration the first time it is run.
> After loading the settings from the AP400 (this may take a minute or
> so), the matrix display (and all the other settings) in APWARE will
> change to reflect your actual setup. You can now save your setup (as
> a .psr  site file), so that the next time you start the software and
> load the .psr file, it should show your setup correctly.

Interesting, I do remember it asking me for Document or Hardware. I
selected Hardware, but I don't think anything happened. I'll try again

>> Disconnecting, then trying to exit I get an OLE error, the program
>> hangs
>> and Wine starts a debugger.
> OK, we'll look into that.

I can get you the exact error if I send an email from the other machine.
I'll do that tomorrow.

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