[AG-TECH] Re: Question: Any uses of Virtual Reality or 3-D Imaging in the AG?

John Langkals langkals at pacific.mps.ohio-state.edu
Fri Jan 6 14:59:43 CST 2006

Hello AG Tech,

I would like to thank every site that has responded to this question.  We
have interesting plans developing at our site and I will share updates to
applications we will be considering as this process matures.  If there are
additional comments related to the question below, I would greatly enjoy
reading them.

Thank you.  I greatly appreciate your intellectual generosity.


>Hello AG Tech,
>I am very interested if you have been using commercial virtual reality 
>technology or 3 D projection, modeling, or polarized projection to 
>enhance your AG viewing experiences. Commercial and homebrew examples 
>and recommendations of technology from any field of study are welcome.  
>As I feel the AG is the state of the art in 2-D room immersion 
>conferencing, do we see a future with the 3-D technology developing 
>within the Access Grid let alone other videoconferencing technologies?
>Thank you,
>John Langkals
>Systems Manager
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