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Fri Jan 6 09:16:15 CST 2006

Christoph, I'm attempting this compilation this morning. However, we have
the older AP400. Well this GWare version work with the older AP400s? I
seem to remember a document I read this morning concerning this, but I
can't find it on your website.


Christoph Willing said:
> On 23/12/2005, at 10:10 AM, Chris Kendrick (VPAC) wrote:
>> Hi All
>> I have tried to install gware under wine as directed from the site
>> http://www.vislab.uq.edu.au/research/accessgrid/xap400/
>> gware_wine.html that Christoph Willing posted.
>> I seem to have it all installed ok and gware comes up, however when
>> i go "file" "new site" "ok" then select "connect" "connect" i get a
>> message in the message log "Port could not be opened".
> Chris,
> Firstly, did you build/install WINE from CVS? The CVS version has
> some fixes (not so far available in normal release versions)
> specifically related to the serial IO involved in connecting to the
> hardware.
> Part of creating a new site is setting the RS232 connection
> parameters - speed, flow control, which port. These need to be set
> (and matched to the hardware) before you can connect to the hardware.
> chris
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