[AG-TECH] One-page summary of AG port usage -- please help us complete it

Nagykaldi, Zsolt F. (HSC) Zsolt-Nagykaldi at ouhsc.edu
Fri Feb 10 15:02:54 CST 2006

Thanks for the list again. So you mean, if we open 30,000 ports in a medical school's network we should not have any problem? :))
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Subject: [AG-TECH] One-page summary of AG port usage -- please help us complete it

Dear AG Colleagues,

I now realize that the work I started last December, trying to create a
one-page summary of AG port usage (based on the commendable document created by
Javier Gomez Alonso of the Access Grid Support Centre at the University
of Manchester) is not easily locatable in the list archives.  I resend it,
attached, along with the Excel version that David E. Bernholdt of ORNL kindly
created.  As I said earlier, all of these documents are missing some
key information, such as the port ranges used by vic and rat.  I send this out
again in the hope that another AG colleague will pick it up and complete it.
We all really need to have something like this, and i would hope that eventually
it would end up on the AG web site(s), and be maintained to reflect any
coding changes/additions made to AG software.

Best Regards, Rick Rodgers

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