[AG-TECH] Positional Audio / Window Highlighting for AG 2.4

Robert Putnam putnam at tonka.bu.edu
Fri Feb 10 15:28:39 CST 2006

I'm looking for a few intrepid volunteers to help test my Positional Audio
/ Window Highlighting software for AG 2.4. For those of you who are
unfamiliar with this project, here's my standard blurb:

   BU has developed a system to help users determine which Access Grid
   participant is speaking at a given time. In the current test system,
   when the amplitude of a site's audio rises above a minimum threshold,
   the video windows from that site are highlighted by a color outline, and
   the audio is positioned in the stereo field at the same relative
   location as the last-moved video window.

The system is available here:


A zip file containing all services (RAT and vic, Windows and Linux,
standalone and multi-computer), installation instructions, and other
documentation is available.  (It is also possible to download only those
files you need by traversing the 'services-2.4' directory.)

I would be very interested to hear about people's experiences with the
system.  Please send bug reports, suggestions, etc., to putnam at bu.edu.

Robert Putnam

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