[AG-TECH] Advice on versions, please!

Randy Groves randy.groves at boeing.com
Thu Feb 9 14:16:44 CST 2006

I'm faced with trying to determine if our present external network 
connection will be sufficient for at least minimal AG connection.

We are behind a Netscreen firewall.  Up until a few months ago, we 
had the capability to have incoming ports opened so that VIC would 
work.  That was taken away in a sudden security fit.  We have ssh 
inbound, and I believe the appropriate outbound settings that should 
allow inbound if we initiate.

The process to get back to close to the old status quo is going to be 
arduous, and heavily bureaucratic, so I'd like to see if I can piece 
together something that will at least get me a single video and audio 
feed through.

I'm multicast challenged as well, so all this will have to be bridged.

AG Connector seems like a possibility, but it seems it is somewhat 
flakey and tied to 2.3.  True?  And do I need an AG Connector to talk 
to?  I seem to see indications that there is one running at 
ANL.  What are the specifics?  Are there others running elsewhere?

There is the VIC patch, which seems like it would allow at least one 
video stream in.

AG3 is still too young.

I hate to say this, but my experience with inSors during SC '05 made 
me realize that the connection over one port is definitely do-able, 
and that it shouldn't be as difficult as it seems to be.

(Yeah, yeah I know, Jim, I might consider it - but we don't have any 
budget ...)

Thanks in advance for any assistance!!


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