[AG-TECH] How to automatically start Venue Server on Fedora Core 4

Todd Zimmerman toddz at sfu.ca
Mon Feb 6 12:29:45 CST 2006

Hey Sebastian,

I've attached my hacked together init.d script for starting the venue server on a RHEL box.

Note: the daemonAG() function in the script was stolen the daemon() function in 
/etc/init.d/functions.  It is verbatim except for the actual line that launches the program, which I 
changed to this:

su -s /bin/bash - $user -c "$* &" >/dev/null 2>&1

which launches the VenueServer process in a shell of a defined user.

As you'll see in the start() function in the script, I run under a user called 'ag' - you can change 
that to whatever you need.

This script was kinda just thrown together with bits from other init scripts, so I'm sure it could 
be pared down a bit - but it has worked for me for a couple of years now.


Sebastian Tabarce wrote:
> Hi!
> Has any of you guys tried to automatically start at boot the Venue 
> Server on Fedora Core 4 (or any other OS)?
> I've tried, but with no success.
> First I added this line to rc.local:
> /usr/bin/VenueServer.py
> but Fedora was stuck on start-up after starting the server.
> After modifying it to:
> /usr/bin/VenueServer.py &
> to send the process in background, Fedora starts ok, the server starts 
> and I can see it in the process list, but any client trying to connect 
> to it from the same machine or any other just hangs for ever.
> What am I doing wrong? Suggestions are welcomed, I'm familliar with 
> linux but not a linux expert.....
> Thanks!
> Sebastian
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