[AG-TECH] How to automatically start Venue Server on Fedora Core 4

Sebastian Tabarce stabarce at inescporto.pt
Mon Feb 6 09:27:15 CST 2006


Has any of you guys tried to automatically start at boot the Venue 
Server on Fedora Core 4 (or any other OS)?
I've tried, but with no success.
First I added this line to rc.local:
but Fedora was stuck on start-up after starting the server.
After modifying it to:
/usr/bin/VenueServer.py &
to send the process in background, Fedora starts ok, the server starts 
and I can see it in the process list, but any client trying to connect 
to it from the same machine or any other just hangs for ever.
What am I doing wrong? Suggestions are welcomed, I'm familliar with 
linux but not a linux expert.....

Sebastian Tabarce
Junior Researcher
Campus da FEUP - Rua Dr. Roberto Frias, nº 378 
4200-465 Porto  Portugal
E-mail : stabarce at inescporto.pt
Web : http://www.inescporto.pt

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