[AG-TECH] Bridge Server problmes?

G.T. Chiang gtc25 at cam.ac.uk
Mon Feb 6 04:50:31 CST 2006

Dear Tom

   it seems the bridge server is running, however, it is actng weird 
sometimes. i did not stop the bridge server for the weekend, it disapear 
from the bridge list if choosing unicast form the venue clinet. i check the 
the process at bridge server, it is still running. if i restart it, it 
shows again. how this kind situation happen?

thank you very much!!

On Jan 30 2006, Thomas D. Uram wrote:

>Hi Mike:
> If your CA and certs from CA are being used on the venue server you're 
> trying to bridge, you should not have a problem. Can you post the 
> bridge.conf file ?
>On 1/30/06 7:52 AM, G.T. Chiang wrote:
>> Dear All
>>   we are trying to set our bridge server. we are running venues server 
>> at same mahcines for testing. however, when we start the bridge server 
>> using BridgeServer.py -c bridge.conf
>> it is hanging there, i fi chekc the log it stop at 01/30/06 12:13:07 
>> -1208039744 Toolkit BridgeServer.py:720 INFO - Send stop message to 
>> queue processor 01/30/06 12:13:07 -1208039744 Toolkit 
>> BridgeServer.py:726 INFO Shutdown exiting 01/30/06 12:13:07 95853488 
>> Toolkit BridgeServer.py:623 INFO RunQueueThread exiting (END)
>> we had a notehr machines using the same environment, same AG version and 
>> OS. it works there. is it due to the host certificate? at this moment, 
>> we still not get the AG host cert, just send requet. however, we are 
>> using our CA and signing policy and issue cert to this machine using 
>> ourself CA. will that be a problme without using AG issued cert?
>> or there is anothter part we have to check for running bridge server?
>> thakn you so much for any suggestion!
>> Best regard!
>>               mike

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