[AG-TECH] AccessGrid install Automation

Chris Kendrick kendrick at vpac.org
Mon Dec 18 18:57:44 CST 2006

Hi all

Was hoping to script the install of my AccessGrid machines for both 2.4
and 3.x.  They are running Fedora Core 6 and using the
"http://www.vislab.uq.edu.au/accessgrid3/fedora/" ropo.

I'd imagine that it would be quite useful for the AG Administration
community out there if the AGTK facilitated installation in an
automated/command line way and the process to be documented on

Is there a configure script that comes with AGTK? so that Admins of
multiple AccessGrid Rooms can just automate the responses.  This would
also make it quite easy to change the responses for future
versions/updates to AccessGrid as well.

Failing there being a configure script with AGTK:

I noticed that after a fresh install of either 2.4 or 3 there is
no .AccessGrid* directory in the users home dir, then after the venue
client is run for the first time a whole bunch of stuff is put in
the .AccesGrid* dir.

Can this happen without having to start the GUI?

Once the initial config files are in place (from starting the
VenueClient GUI), it appears the only files that need to be updated to
get a working AG are:

not too sure how to set myConfig as the default though?

any help/advice gratefully received.

Chris Kendrick

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