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Hi Lisa,

First off, this is an odd combination.  One of the main purposes of the
XAP800 is as a multi-mic echo-cancellation solution.  The AccuMic is a
stand-alone echo-cancelling microphone.  Having both devices trying to echo
cancel will undoubtedly cause problems.  For other microphone options see

As for cabling, the AccuMic uses a custom connector incorporating power as
well as mic-in and a line-out to speaker pass-through.  This device is
really designed to plug directly into a PC sound card.  The XAP uses Phoenix
connectors (pretty standard in the audio world).  This is a 3-pin connector
(+, - & ground or shield).  + would go to the center connector of the mic, -
to the outer connector and the shielding wire to ground.

Configuring the Audio service is pretty much of a snap.  Assuming that that
the service manager is running on your audio machine (or you're using a
single machine for all services), go to the TOOLS menu of the Venue Client
and select NODE SERVICES.  If you have a multi-machine node, then you will
need to add a ServiceManager (SERVICEMANAGER->ADD).  Point this to the
machine that the XAP800 connects to using the following format:

The you should highlight that machine and select ADD from the SERVICE menu.
The service should be added & come up enabled if all is well.  Once you are
done setting up services, you should save you setup using FILE->STORE
CONFIGURATION.  The following document should help.  It's for an older
version of the AG software, but the concepts are pretty much the same:

As for configuring the XAP800, it can be pretty intimidating.  A very useful
document written by the very knowledgeable Mike Miller at NCSA can be found
at http://www.accessgrid.org/node/19.

If you haven't done so already, check out the useful documentation at the
Access Grid home page (http://Weaver2.ad.mics.doe.gov:11000/ServiceManager).

Hope this helps,


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We're currently trying to use a Clear One AccuMic configured in relation 
to the XAP 800, but it's not working. Can someone help me with cabling 
and then configuring the XAP and the Audio Service, we're at a loss over 


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