[AG-TECH] Doorbell for the grid?

Kevin Tan ktwtan at gmail.com
Thu Apr 13 15:49:38 CDT 2006

Hello Brian,
Firstly, regarding your "door bell for AG", I had written a little
program that will activate the PC internal speaker and with the
correct pitch and frequency, you do can make it to sound quite lound
like a police emergency siren ...

I am using the program alongside with inSORS software, so when there
is a "Invitation for meeting windows" pop-up on screen, my program
will kick-in and sound the internal speaker.

We have used it in our X-ray Lab, which is very noisy and the sound
from the internal speaker certainly do the tricks !

I wrote the program to work with inSORs IGMeeting and I am sure you
can do the same for AGTk or similar...

Secondly, regarding your bluetooth audio ... I have managed to use at
least two different bluetooth audio devices as microphone with AGTk. 
I have tried with 2 bluetooth audio devices and both works very well
with AGTk.

I have a simple mobile phone bluetooth headset for my personal use
wirelessly while I am using AGTk.

I have also used Konfitel 60W Bluetooth with AGTk, and it can act as
speaker and microphone, which is an inexpensive way to have a group of
people meeting in a room.  This way I can without having to purchase
expensive echo cancellation product.

In both bluetooth devices, the RAT will show "Bluetooth Wave from
Toshiba" for Audio selection.  If you have different bluetooth dongle,
I assume it will show different bluetooth brand on selections.

That's our experience for the "Door Bell" and Bluetooth devices.  Let
me know if you have any more query !  Will be happy to help out !

On 4/13/06, Brian Tieman <tieman at aps.anl.gov> wrote:
> Tom,
> I tried getting a bluetooth audio stack to work in windows--it didn't
> seem possible at the time.  Do you know, have things changed?  Has
> anyone gotten a bluetooth headset to work under WinXp.  I was able to
> get the headphones recognized from Windows, but they woudln't
> communicate audio.  I forget the specifics now, but I remember seeing
> lots of stuff on the web at the time that Windows audio stack couldn't
> yet support bluetooth...
> We do want bluetooth to rid ourselves of wires but I also agree that who
> wants to were a headset just in case?  It's also very likely that the
> scientists will just wander off with them...
> Brian
> Thomas D. Uram wrote:
> > I've been in your environment, so have an idea what you need.
> >
> > I think the USB light or a bell is a fine idea, and could imagine
> > some notification app with different options for notification.
> > If you were using a bluetooth headset, you could use the AG
> > audio for notification (but who wants to wear a bluetooth
> > headset all day just in case?).
> >
> > I also think it would be cool to integrate bluetooth cellphones
> > in for notification.  If you're in range and someone pokes you,
> > your phone could ring or vibrate...
> >
> > Tom
> >
> >
> > On 4/13/06 9:51 AM, Brian Tieman wrote:
> >
> >> Tom,
> >>
> >> Hehe--you've obviously never worked at a synchrotron!  The area where
> >> people generally sit is a cluttered messs of comuters and
> >> electronics--wires and monitors cover most--if not all--available
> >> wall space.
> >>
> >> We currently use headphones for the audio as echo cancelation is not
> >> cost effective or likely to work well in such a noisy environment (it
> >> can top 60db white noise at times).  I do not believe there is any
> >> practical way to use the AG audio channel for getting someones
> >> attention.
> >>
> >> Brian
> >>
> >> Tom Coffin wrote:
> >>
> >>>
> >>> Are there any/some wall/screen spaces where projections can be used
> >>> at a scale significant enough to attract your attention while at
> >>> work on the beamline equipment?
> >>>
> >>> _________________________________________
> >>> At 08:29 AM 4/13/2006, Brian Tieman wrote:
> >>>
> >>>> The beamline is a noisy place where people are focused on their
> >>>> experiments
> >>>
> >>>
> >>>
> >>>
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Kevin Tan
Manchester Materials Science Centre
University of Manchester

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