[AG-TECH] Doorbell for the grid?

Jason Bell j.bell at cqu.edu.au
Thu Apr 13 08:17:27 CDT 2006

G'day Brian

Thanks for your email.  I understand your comment, but from a personal
point of view, I work in an environment that contains a variety of sound
levels and I am regularly working on other projects.  I have found that
that having "listen" on and having someone yelling out "are you free
Jason" works well (I have been doing this for around 3 years now).  I
guess in some way, it works like a door bell, but instead people are
calling out your name.  The other advantage is that people can see if
you are in the local area, before they say hello :-)

I guess in my opinion, someone asking for you personally is better than
having some form of alarm going off.  Though I guess there would be some
cases where having something directly alerting you (similar to a phone)
would be necessary. 

Again, this is just my opinion, though I think this is an interesting

Once again, thanks for your reply and I look forward to hearing what
other people have to say.


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The beamline is a noisy place where people are focused on their 
experiments--not a computer that may or may not have someone at the 
other end.  Never-the-less, the someone at the other end may be someone 
I wish to speak with.

I can look out my window to see if someone is standing on my front 
porch...but a doorbell is more convenient...I agree not everyone needs 
this functionality, but I think of the AG more as a bag of tols than a 
single application.  I may need tools you don't, but I still need my 
tools and would like them to play well with others.

Jason Bell wrote:

>G'day All
>I thought I might add my 2 cents worth here.  In my opinion, I don't
>know if the "On Air" type of thing is really required...  As we have
>tools already that highlights whether (for example) audio is on or not.
>The reason that I mention this is because I recently have been
>displaying "Rat" on the display screen/wall for users to view whilst
>participating within an AG session.  This has multiple benefits:
>*	Users can see there audio transmission level;
>*	Can see that the "Talk" button is enabled, thereby informing
>users they are currently "On the Air";
>*	Also allows users access to switch off the "Talk" button if they
>require a private conversation.
>In my opinion, if we education users, (this button turns talk on and
>off, etc) the users will have enough information already to determine
>whether that equipment is on or not.  Therefore, why not simply use Rat
>to determine is you are "on the air" or not.
>Secondly, a number of my Australian colleagues (including myself) have
>portable machine that run continuously in the APAG lobby.  I have found
>this invaluable, in which you simply say hello, if you or anyone else
>has have any questions, want to conduct a quick test, etc....  The
>simple "Are you there Jason" or whoever works well.  And if you don't
>wish to be disturbed, you turn off the listen button.  You can also
>when transmitting a message who receives it (By the green lights within
>rat) as well.  
>Sending a message through the VenueClient is also useful for getting
>peoples attention as well.
>So I guess I would like to ask, do we "really need" a doorbell or an
>Air" function.  I my opinion, I don't think it is required.  Just
>educate people with the use of the already supplied tools with the
>Access Grid.
>Anyway, I am happy to hear other people's opinions and I'm curious to
>see what everyone else thinks.
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>Actually if you are talking about a more or less persistent space, in 
>addition the doorbell idea, it might be good to have just a signal that
>"Grid is ON" or "Grid of OFF".....even in monitored spaces, the biggest

>concern that participants have is whether the cameras and mics are 
>transmitting or not.....some sort of visual indicator would be very
>At 08:31 AM 4/12/2006, Ivan R. Judson wrote:
>>It'd be  interesting to couple a standard (but non-annoying tone, or
>>chime) with the little red light that can plug in via usb I got a
>>couple of years ago (Tom has it now ask him about it :-).
>>Then you could ring/ping/tap whatever and it'd play the chime and
>>blink the light as a cue someone was remotely trying to get your
>>In general this visual cue would be useful for other things like
>>question and answer during lectures, visual indication of network
>>problems for a speaker, or other things...
>>On Apr 12, 2006, at 8:11 AM, Brian Tieman wrote:
>>>Yes, the beamline is a fairly noisy place.  Speakers turned up loud
>>>enough for a user--who may be several feet away--to hear will
>>>likely also have lots of static--especially in our electrically
>>>noisy environment.  My thoughts were to couple a tone--likely a
>>>sonalert of some sort which can be very distinctive even in noisy
>>>environments--with a strobe.  It can be set up to "ring"
>>>occasionally rather than incessently.
>>>I was just wondering if maybe this sort of issue has already been
>>>resolved for cases other than the trivial ones where leaving the
>>>"listen" button on is sufficient.
>>>Thomas D. Uram wrote:
>>>>Well, if the audio is on at the beamline, the remote researchers
>>>>could just begin talking
>>>>to the guys on the beamline, right?  The beamline is likely a
>>>>noisy environment, so
>>>>this may not be heard well, but just as much as some tone, I would
>>>>think. Maybe I'm thinking
>>>>of the situation differently than you are; clarify as needed.
>>>>On 4/12/06 8:34 AM, Brian Tieman wrote:
>>>>>But only if you looking at your email...or have your email
>>>>>forwarded to a pager, etc...
>>>>>We'd like to leave an AG room open and live at an APS beamline
>>>>>where people will be working on equipment and not necessarily
>>>>>looking at computers--or at least not the computers running the
>>>>>AG.  If a collabarator wants checks in via the grid--the will see
>>>>>the guys working, but how do you remotely tap a guy on the
>>>>>shoulder to make him look up from his work to notice you?  The
>>>>>phone works, of course, but a way to ring a bell and/or light up
>>>>>a strobe would be very usefull to us.
>>>>>Tom Coffin wrote:
>>>>>>email notifications via the agscheduler work pretty well.
>>>>>>At 02:07 PM 4/11/2006, Brian Tieman wrote:
>>>>>>>Hi all,
>>>>>>>We're hoping to use the AG in more of an "always on"
>>>>>>>environment for collaboration with users.  We'd be doing this
>>>>>>>at an experimental facility where people will generally be
>>>>>>>paying more attention to the facility equipment than a random
>>>>>>>user who may pop in to collaborate, monitor, etc...And so we're
>>>>>>>looking for something like a doorbell or telephone ringer that
>>>>>>>would alert someone at the facility that a remote collaborator
>>>>>>>may wish to chat with them.
>>>>>>>Has anyone implemented something like this?  I can think of a
>>>>>>>couple of ways to go about it, but thought if anyone had a
>>>>>>>"standard" solution, we could just glom onto that.
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