[AG-TECH] Old documentation missing?

Jeremy Mann jeremy at biochem.uthscsa.edu
Fri Sep 30 11:16:24 CDT 2005

Cindy Sievers said:
> Hi Jeremy,
> That device is called an ATI Matchmaker MM100, they are hard to find
> anymore.....do a google search on them, you might be able to locate
> one....here's where we  found
> one:  http://www.atiguys.com/?fa=search&text=mm100
> The document Jennifer pointed you to is the doc I was thinking of....but I
> know there is one that has an up close image of the phoenix plug
> conversion......I can't find that one, but I have a hard copy of images if
> you need them....

Thanks Cindy. I found the answer I was looking for. I think the problem
with the levels is because the 1/8" connections are unbalanced. I found an
MM100 online but its *gasp* $429! I will be making a trip to Radio Shack
this weekend to see if I can build something for less money.

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