[AG-TECH] IP Multicast address patterns??

Michael Daw michael.daw at manchester.ac.uk
Mon Sep 5 03:53:50 CDT 2005

We have details of venues supported on our venue servers here:

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> Hi,
> I just had a discussion with some of our Network guys and they have
> asked me to see if there is a possible way to give them a list of IP
> multicast addresses that AG venueservers use. They are trying to
> modify the rendevous point on our router based on Multicast addresse
> ranges, since a lot of these new "Ghost" like applications use
> multicast to mirror disks across networks with wrong ttl's and hard
> coded IP addresses that are not in the admin range.
> Anyways.....my question for the Venueserver Gurus :-).....Is there a
> pattern to the way VV Servers allocate addresses??.....I've noticed a
> lot of 224.x.x.x and 233.x.x.x and I've also seen the ncsa page that
> keeps track of some of them 
> (https://agschedule.ncsa.uiuc.edu:443/venues.asp). Or better 
> yet is there some way of querying the info
> from the VV Server through some simple means? I really don't want to
> dedicate one of my students to sit there and click every single Venue
> on all the servers out there to make a list.
> Thanks,
> Many

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