[AG-TECH] IP Multicast address patterns??

Many Ayromlou mayromlo at ryerson.ca
Fri Sep 2 14:06:20 CDT 2005


I just had a discussion with some of our Network guys and they have  
asked me to see if there is a possible way to give them a list of IP  
multicast addresses that AG venueservers use. They are trying to  
modify the rendevous point on our router based on Multicast addresse  
ranges, since a lot of these new "Ghost" like applications use  
multicast to mirror disks across networks with wrong ttl's and hard  
coded IP addresses that are not in the admin range.

Anyways.....my question for the Venueserver Gurus :-).....Is there a  
pattern to the way VV Servers allocate addresses??.....I've noticed a  
lot of 224.x.x.x and 233.x.x.x and I've also seen the ncsa page that  
keeps track of some of them (https://agschedule.ncsa.uiuc.edu:443/ 
venues.asp). Or better yet is there some way of querying the info  
from the VV Server through some simple means? I really don't want to  
dedicate one of my students to sit there and click every single Venue  
on all the servers out there to make a list.


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