Fw: [AG-TECH] Wierd problems with video using VIC in fedora 3/4

Douglas Kosovic douglask at itee.uq.edu.au
Sun Sep 4 22:22:26 CDT 2005

Hi Proshanta,

> Thank you for the tip about reloading the video capture modules, but I
> have tried to use tvtime to verify that the card still works after the
> green screen. So I think the reboot solves more of an AG issue than a
> driver issue. However, as Doug pointed out it could be the manner in
> which the AG toolkit uses a compatibility tool for V4L2 instead of the
> natives, for very good reason (namely users with Quickcams will have
> difficulties as V4L2 support is still beta). I believe he will be
> releasing a possible native V4L2 controls for the AG in the coming
> week, which may help in what I'm currently faced with. 

tvtime uses the native V4L2 API of the cx88 driver while vic uses the
older V4L API and thus the V4L compatibility layer of the cx88 driver.

I've rebuilt vic with V4L2 grabber code that you could try, it can be
found in:

Just unpack v4l2_vic.tar.gz and copy 'vic' to one of the following:

Although both the V4L and V4L2 grabber code can coexist in the same vic
binary, I only built the V4L2 code, because the AGTK uses the VIC_DEVICE
env variable to tell vic which device to use (e.g '/dev/video1') and no
way to specify which one of V4L or V4L2 should be use.


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