Fw: [AG-TECH] Wierd problems with video using VIC in fedora 3/4

Proshanta Saha proshanta at gmail.com
Sun Sep 4 22:34:20 CDT 2005

Hi Doug,

Thank you for the release. I'm hoping to give it a try soon, that is if the 
building is not in lockdown mode tomorrow because of the labor day weekend. 
Is there anything in particular I need to be aware of, or would the 
interface be identical which the calls behind the scenes will call V4L2 


On 9/4/05, Douglas Kosovic <douglask at itee.uq.edu.au> wrote:
> Hi Proshanta,
> > Thank you for the tip about reloading the video capture modules, but I
> > have tried to use tvtime to verify that the card still works after the
> > green screen. So I think the reboot solves more of an AG issue than a
> > driver issue. However, as Doug pointed out it could be the manner in
> > which the AG toolkit uses a compatibility tool for V4L2 instead of the
> > natives, for very good reason (namely users with Quickcams will have
> > difficulties as V4L2 support is still beta). I believe he will be
> > releasing a possible native V4L2 controls for the AG in the coming
> > week, which may help in what I'm currently faced with.
> tvtime uses the native V4L2 API of the cx88 driver while vic uses the
> older V4L API and thus the V4L compatibility layer of the cx88 driver.
> I've rebuilt vic with V4L2 grabber code that you could try, it can be
> found in:
> http://www.itee.uq.edu.au/~douglask/v4l2_vic/
> Just unpack v4l2_vic.tar.gz and copy 'vic' to one of the following:
> ~/.AccessGrid/local_services/VideoProducerService/
> ~/.AccessGrid/local_services/VideoService/
> Although both the V4L and V4L2 grabber code can coexist in the same vic
> binary, I only built the V4L2 code, because the AGTK uses the VIC_DEVICE
> env variable to tell vic which device to use (e.g '/dev/video1') and no
> way to specify which one of V4L or V4L2 should be use.
> Cheers,
> Doug
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