[AG-TECH] Winnov Videum Quattro

Chris Rosenthal cmr.evl at gmail.com
Thu Sep 1 18:39:27 CDT 2005

Tom & anyone else who is interested,

Our lab bought a Winnov Videum Quattro (not the 4400 VO) because we
wanted to be able to capture 4 s-video sources, instead of just 4 BNC.
 After a long hassle with Winnov, I finally got the card working with
some old VFW drivers.  By working I mean that I can run the incluced
videum capture program and see the different video streams if I change
the source.

However, I have not been able to get this card to work with the AG. 
With AGTk 2.4, I am seeing 4 winnov videum options when I add a
VideoProducerService and these options all correspond to devices in
the vic menu.  This is good, because this wasn't always the case in
2.3, even with the patch.  The resource names are:

Videum Video Capture
WnvVid32.dll 1_Videum_AVX_AV_(PCI)
WnvVid32.dll 2_Videum_AVX_AV_(PCI)
WnvVid32.dll 3_Videum_AVX_AV_(PCI)

The one labeled Videum Video Capture works (although the image is
upside down).  The other three do not work.  Vic starts and the
correct devices are selected, but the video is just a black screen.  I
know the other cameras are working properly, because I can switch
which cable goes to the one that works and see the other cameras.

So then I started looking at the log files and I can see where all of
the resources are assigned in the venue client log.  In the
VideoProducer log, I'm getting an exception mapping the device.

Tom, I'll send the log files along to you in a separate email if you
wouldn't mind taking a look.  I thought I would send this one to the
list in case anyone else was dealing with the same problem and might
benefit from the solution.

Any help is appreciated.


PS: Here's an excerpt from the log of the exception:

09/01/05 17:55:22 3604 Toolkit     agservice.py:136 INFO 
ConfigureStream: video 55524
09/01/05 17:55:22 3604 Toolkit     videoproducerservice.py:170 INFO 
Mapping windows device: WnvVid32.dll 1_Videum_AVX_AV_(PCI)
09/01/05 17:55:22 3604 Toolkit     videoproducerservice.py:172 INFO  - videum
09/01/05 17:55:22 3604 Toolkit     videoproducerservice.py:217 ERROR
Exception mapping device
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "C:\Documents and Settings\agtech\Application
line 215, in Start
  File "C:\Documents and Settings\agtech\Application
line 174, in MapWinDevice
    videum_re = re.compile(".*(\d)_Videum.*")
NameError: global name 're' is not defined
09/01/05 17:55:22 3604 Toolkit     videoproducerservice.py:291 INFO 
Starting VideoProducerService
09/01/05 17:55:22 3604 Toolkit     videoproducerservice.py:292 INFO  
executable = C:\Documents and Settings\agtech\Application
09/01/05 17:55:22 3604 Toolkit     videoproducerservice.py:293 INFO  
options = ['-u',
'-C', '"dll1"', '-t', '127', '']
09/01/05 17:55:22 3604 ProcessManager     processmanager.py:59 DEBUG
Creating process: C:\Documents and Settings\agtech\Application
Data\AccessGrid\local_services\VideoProducerService\vic.exe -u
C:/DOCUME~1/agtech/LOCALS~1/Temp/VideoProducerService_2104.vic -C
"dll1" -t 127
09/01/05 17:55:22 3604 ProcessManager     processmanager.py:72 DEBUG
Create process returns: (<PyHANDLE object at 0x0129971C>, <PyHANDLE
object at 0x0129DD94>, 1108, 1084)

Chris Rosenthal
Electronic Visualization Laboratory
University of Illinois - Chicago
Phone: 312.996.3002

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