[AG-TECH] Audio Problems w/ Multicast and Echo Suppression

Jason Bell j.bell at cqu.edu.au
Thu Sep 1 18:16:20 CDT 2005

G'day Ben

I recently released a document at agcentral in regards to "Improving
your AG in Preparation for a Quality Assurance Test".  Part of this
document contains a section on "Testing an AG's Network" which can be
found at http://agcentral.org/help/tutorial/qualityhelper/qunetwork

Not sure if it is of any use, but thought I would send it to you in case
it helps.


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I just recently have upgraded an old Access Grid Node from 1.x to 2.4, 
and I can get all transmissions going in both directions, video and 
audio, in and out, only if I use unicast and turn Echo Suppression off.

If I turn Echo Suppression off, the meter in RAT does not show any audio

coming in, even if I can hear the audio coming back out through the 
speakers in the room and the Gentner shows on its meter that sound is 
coming in.
As for putting it on multicast, the meter shows input, but no one else 
can hear me.  I have looked in the AudioService log and can see nothing 
that indicates any error, and using Internet2 detective I can tell that 
I do have multicast capabilities.
The bigger issue for me would be to get the multicast working since most

rooms do not have bridges.  I have no firewalls on any of the three 
computers I am using here, and as far as I know the University has no 
routers with firewalls in between these computers and the Internet.

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