[AG-TECH] ANL bridge machine and port info?

Thomas D. Uram turam at mcs.anl.gov
Thu Oct 27 10:10:33 CDT 2005

Hi Derek:

Comments inline...

On 10/27/05 8:55 AM, Derek Piper wrote:
>     Hi Tom,
>     I tried playing with AGConnector, does it have to go to just your 
> server there? Is it possible to run a server on a local machine and have 
> other clients connect to it? Like the local bridge, but simpler? 

The default server is the one here at ANL (umtp.mcs.anl.gov).  AGConnector
does allow you to specify which server to use, so yes:  if you have a
UMTP server running, you can specify it in AGConnector and it will be
used instead.  In fact, in the future I'd like to see umtp servers proliferate
and be discoverable.

I also
> have a question about how it works too, in trying to test it on two 
> machines that are on a LAN (and so have full visibility of each other 
> wrt multicast) I didn't notice any difference - should I? ..

UMTP is a solution for people who have no multicast, and it actually
shuts down if it receives a packet from itself over multicast (see
the ietf UMTP draft).

  I'm trying
> to test it so I know what I'm doing with it to help a remote site with 
> their AG connection. Actually, I'm wanting it for helping someone at 
> Argonne / University of Chicago combat the draconian firewalling :)
>     Derek
> Thomas D. Uram wrote:
>> I'd recommend that you look at the AGConnector shared app.  It does 
>> everything over
>> a single, fixed port (8010) to a server here at ANL 
>> (umtp.mcs.anl.gov).  No port range
>> needed, and coverage for every venue, not just those that people chose 
>> to bridge.
>> Tom
>> On 10/26/05 12:36 PM, Julia Mullen wrote:
>>> Hi -
>>> I'm trying to get the okay to open ports so that I can attend the Town
>>> Halls, and any
>>> other events on the ANL venue server, so I need some information re:
>>> the bridge server IP and ports.  Is there a document, or easy way to
>>> get the list of bridged ANL venues, and the
>>> bridge IP address, as well as the range of ports for the bridge. . .
>>> yup, a continuation of the Security Office's questions.
>>> Thanks -
>>>   Julie

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