[AG-TECH] ANL bridge machine and port info?

Derek Piper dcpiper at indiana.edu
Thu Oct 27 08:55:00 CDT 2005

	Hi Tom,

	I tried playing with AGConnector, does it have to go to just your 
server there? Is it possible to run a server on a local machine and have 
other clients connect to it? Like the local bridge, but simpler? I also 
have a question about how it works too, in trying to test it on two 
machines that are on a LAN (and so have full visibility of each other 
wrt multicast) I didn't notice any difference - should I? .. I'm trying 
to test it so I know what I'm doing with it to help a remote site with 
their AG connection. Actually, I'm wanting it for helping someone at 
Argonne / University of Chicago combat the draconian firewalling :)


Thomas D. Uram wrote:
> I'd recommend that you look at the AGConnector shared app.  It does 
> everything over
> a single, fixed port (8010) to a server here at ANL (umtp.mcs.anl.gov).  
> No port range
> needed, and coverage for every venue, not just those that people chose 
> to bridge.
> Tom
> On 10/26/05 12:36 PM, Julia Mullen wrote:
>> Hi -
>> I'm trying to get the okay to open ports so that I can attend the Town
>> Halls, and any
>> other events on the ANL venue server, so I need some information re:
>> the bridge server IP and ports.  Is there a document, or easy way to
>> get the list of bridged ANL venues, and the
>> bridge IP address, as well as the range of ports for the bridge. . .
>> yup, a continuation of the Security Office's questions.
>> Thanks -
>>   Julie

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