[AG-TECH] Questions about remote presentation technology software

Jim Miller jmiller at insors.com
Mon Oct 17 10:12:57 CDT 2005

Since IGPix was mentioned, I thought I should provide some detail...

IGPix is inSORS data sharing piece of the inSORS grid software.  It has been
used at SC Global the last few years as well as many other large events
within the AG community.  It allows for screen sharing of any application or
document including but not limited to powerpoint presentations.

The presenter needs to have the insors software runnning on the computer he
is presenting from (currently only on Windows).  The other sites do not need
to be running the software, they can view the data in a browser window.


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	Possibly the 'Anabas' thing was before I was here, but I do remember
using the inSORS 'IGPix' for doing a shared presentation thing. Even
though we use the basic AccessGrid stuff, the other sites were wanting
IGPix. We had a speaker here, as well as him listening to other
presentations. As far as I recall it worked satisfactorily. It just did
powerpoint slides. The SharedPresentation is much more slick imho.


monika.k.rabarison at ccaix.jsums.edu wrote:
> John,
> When we had a class from Indiana University, we were using
> Anabas (http://www.anabas.com ). Actually IU run the server,
> and I just joined in with a browser. Anabas is not free
> though. It shows not only the presentation, but share the
> entire desktop. Pages updates are great. I am not sure about
> video.
> -Monika
>>Thank you very much for your responses.
>>My concern about using the Shared Presentation is if the
>>venue goes down so does the presentation.  It's a time
>>saver bringing up just the venue or just the external
>>I have noticed slow updates for presentation in the
>>external VNC model.
>>***An additional question would be what presentation
>>technology could be considered for use to transmit
>>presentations with embedded video?  If the refresh rate
>>for page updates is slow, video will (does) show up with a
>>great deal of latency.
>>Thank you,
>>John Langkals
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>>>So far, we have been using Shared Presentation without
>>We found Shared Presentation to be painfully slow at
>>passing on page updates,
>>and I assume there's no way to interface with insors
>>I was going to look at ScreenStreamer, but have not yet
>>had the time.
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