[AG-TECH] Troubles starting media tools

Jason Bell j.bell at cqu.edu.au
Sun Oct 16 21:31:40 CDT 2005

G'day All

I have been having a few issues that I am hopping that someone might be
able to help solve.

Recently we have had a number of network outages which has prevented me
from contacting external Venue Servers.

To overcome this dilemma, I decided to a local VenueServer so that I am
able to run some internal AG sessions.  Unfortunately when connecting it
appears that some of the media tools no longer start.

Upon further investigation, I have found that without even connecting to
a Venue Server, I am unable to add particular services (ie
VideoProducerService) in which would produce an "Unable to add service"
error message.  

These problems appear to exist on a number of Fedora Core 3/4 AG systems
and also a number of 10.4 Mac systems, though currently my windows
machine appears to be working fine.

For the Linux machines, I initially thought it might have been DNS
issues, has it could not connect to the Service Manger.  But after
editing the /etc/hosts file and adding the workstations hostname and ip
address, the problem still existed.

A similar problem was also occurring on my Macs, but I found that if I
unplugged the network cable on one of the machines, that the allowed me
to add services.  Unfortunately this didn't work for the Linux machines.

The surprising thing was that upon a restart, some of the services were
started, but the others were still able to start.

Has anyone ever come across this sort of problem before, or has any
ideas on things I can try to resolve this problem.  I really would like
to be able to connect to a local venue server without having internet

Thanks for your time,


Jason Bell, B.I.T.
B. Info. Tech. (Honours) Student

Network Engineer
Information Technology Division
Central Queensland University

High Performance Computing Support Officer
Central Queensland University

Research Assistant to the Nonlinear
Intelligent Systems Research Group 
Faculty of Informatics & Communication
Central Queensland University

E-mail : j.bell at cqu.edu.au
Phone : 07 4930 9229


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