[AG-TECH] Receiving video streams without installing the ag-client?

Martin Polak mpolak at gup.jku.at
Thu Oct 13 05:35:16 CDT 2005

Lorenz, Sabine wrote:
> Hi all,
> Is it possible to use Access Grid without installing the AG-Client? 
> We want to distribute Video streams via Multicast to many hundreds of
> users within our research centre.
> These users should only be able to receive video streams (not to send
> any streams) with their Browser or Media Player.
> It would be too difficult to install the AG-Client on all of these
> desktop machines.
> I know that normally i need to install an AG-Client for using the Access
> Grid but I ask you whether there is any possibility for receiving video
> without installing the client. If it is not possible, does anybody have
> another idea how to do that?

Hallo Sabine,

you just have to know the multicast adress of the venue and the ports for audio
and video defined for it.

Then you can run the tools "vic" and "rat" manually on the client-machines and connect them to these 
However I think you will not be able to prohibit your clients from sending their streams
back. But what you can do is, preconfigure the tools not to do so by default.

Hope this helps,

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