Charles Nichols charles.nichols at mso.umt.edu
Wed Oct 5 10:37:32 CDT 2005

I'm unable to get AGTk 2.3 or 2.4 to run under Mac OS X.3.9 or OS X. 
4.2 on a PowerBook G4 1.67 or 800, even though everything installed  
successfully according to the instructions on the web page.

These are the problems I'm having:

for Services->Node Service

I get the following exception:

/Applications/AccessGridToolkit.app/Contents/MacOS/runns.sh; exit
Welcome to Darwin!
ss127music1:~ cnichols$ /Applications/AccessGridToolkit.app/Contents/ 
MacOS/runns.sh; exit
Starting Node Service URL:
Starting Service Manager URL:
Starting Service URI:
Traceback (most recent call last):
   File "/Applications/AccessGridToolkit.app/Contents/Resources/bin/ 
AGServiceManager.py", line 147, in ?
   File "/Applications/AccessGridToolkit.app/Contents/Resources/bin/ 
AGServiceManager.py", line 132, in main
   File "/Applications/AccessGridToolkit.app/Contents/Resources/lib/ 
python2.3/site-packages/AccessGrid/AGNodeService.py", line 382, in  
     raise Exception("Failed to load default configuration <%s>" %
Exception: Failed to load default configuration <defaultMac>

for Configuration->Node Setup Wizard

I input Display Machine Name but get "Could not connect.  Is a  
service manager running at a given machine and port?"

for Main->Venue Client

I can enter the Lobby of https://vv2.mcs.anl.gov:9000/Venues/default
and can see other participants listed and chat, but don't show up in  
the RAT of other participants, and don't hear audio or see video.


Charles Nichols
University of Montana
Department of Music
Missoula, MT  59812
(406) 243-5360

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