[AG-TECH] RAT volume slider problem

Andrew Sharpe andrew.sharpe1 at jcu.edu.au
Wed Nov 30 17:03:43 CST 2005

John, set the OSS_IS_AC97 option to ON to remove this problem.  If you 
don't have this option when you configure your AudioService, edit 
~/.AccessGrid/local_services/AudioService/rat and add the following line 
just before 'exec rat...'

export OSS_IS_AC97=1

That should do the trick.

HTH, Andrew

John Hodrien wrote:

> Anyone else had a problem where the rat mic volume slider affects 
> bother the
> recording volume and the feedback volume (in other words the volume of 
> the
> audio pumped straight from mic -> line out for people who actually 
> want that)?
> I suspect it's not helped by the fact that both controls are named 
> Mic, such
> that amixer sset Mic 0 actually affects both of them.  I've come up 
> with a
> *nasty* hack (that doesn't deserve to be repeated) to mitigate the 
> effect of
> this, but it's not ideal.
> jh

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