[AG-TECH] Multicast Beacon for Win32

Don Morton Don.Morton at umontana.edu
Tue Nov 22 08:51:58 CST 2005


After a long absence I'm looking into getting a PIG going
again, and I see the AG world has changed much in two years!

At this point, the plan is to use an XP machine, and I just
got connected to Multicast this morning (or so we think).  
At least in the old days, the next step was to start running 
a multicast beacon and see if you show up on the matrix.

I've gone to


and see that the world is apparently using
Multicast Beacon v1.3, but there don't appear
to be any Windoze versions of Beacon 1.3.  
Am I correct in assuming that the Beacon 1.1 that
Ivan compiled for Win32 some time ago is incompatible?

Bottom line - can someone point me to info on setting up
a beacon for an XP machine?  Once I've verified multicast, I'll
try to install the AG Toolkit.


Don Morton
U. Montana

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