[AG-TECH] New to AG: hardware question

Jocelyn Nadeau jocelyn at umce.ca
Tue Nov 8 06:32:22 CST 2005


We're new to AG and are working on setting up our first AG node. We are looking to buy this 
hardware to run AG.

Dell Precision 670 workstations, 2G RAM, (2) 3.0Ghz xeon, (2) 160G SATA drives in Raid 1, 
nVidia Quadro FX 1400 128MB dual VGA, on-board Sound Blaster Audigy 2 

In the display machine, we are planning to use a Matrox G450 (quad DVI) + another to be 
determined Matrox (dual DVI).

In the capture machine, we are planning to use either the IDS Falcon or Dorado quad capture 

Are we heading for problems or does this all seem to be good?

TIA for your comments and feedback.


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