[AG-TECH] Problems using AG Connector

NamGon Kim ngkim at netmedia.kjist.ac.kr
Tue Nov 8 03:56:26 CST 2005

Dear Adam,

I am sorry about the problem.
This one-directional multicast problem is really a serious problem in
deploying AG Connector.

Until now, users under fully multicast-disconnected network can use AG
I will try to solve this problem.

I am sorry and thank you for trying AG Connector.

- Namgon

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> Subject: [AG-TECH] Problems using AG Connector
> Hi to anyone who's tried out AG Connector...
> Michael Braitmaier and I spent about an hour this morning
experimenting with
> AG Connector. We're having some difficulties getting it to work, and I
> wonder if anyone could cast some light on the problem. We tried
> different combinations of Multicast/Unicast/UMTP and we tried running
> servers at both of our own sites, all to no avail.
> It seems to be the case that if you have working multicast, the AG
> agent notices this and reverts to multicast. Is this true?
> We're using the set-up with what seems to be half-broken multicast:
> Edinburgh can see Stuttgart, but Stuttgart can't see Edinburgh. When
> Edinburgh connects with UMTP, the server (in Stuttgart, on a different
> network) claims "You are multicast-reachable from Server." and
> reverts to multicast.
> Has anyone else observed this behaviour? Is this a bug in AG
> Thanks,
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