[AG-TECH] Audio problem :rat and Augigy 2 ZS

Marie-Noelle Dauphin dauphin at idris.fr
Thu Nov 3 04:59:39 CST 2005

 Hello ,
I have the same problem that  Larry Amiot in his mail  Tue, 30 Aug 2005,

Im'using Augigy 2 ZS on a windows XP Pc to do videoconferencing multicast in 
full duplex. I want to record with Line-in connection .

 In the Windows XP control volume record or in the Audigy mixer I select:
 "Mix Ana(Ligne,CD,Audio,Tape ..)" 

When Access grid venues clients starts ,I click on a room I choosed , rat and vic start . all is ok .If I change room , another rat starts  .

But every time a new rat is executed,in the Audigy mixer or in Windows XP control volume record , 'Mix Ana" is'nt selected  anymore , but microphone is selected , and I must choose back  again "Mix ana" .. It's anoying ...

I can't keep "Mix Ana" for always ..

Can you tell me why ? and what must I do  ?

thnk's for your response 

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