[AG-TECH] Audio problem :rat and Augigy 2 ZS

Adam Carter adam at epcc.ed.ac.uk
Thu Nov 3 08:59:57 CST 2005

Salut Marie-Noelle,

Firstly, are you sure you want to use the "Mix Ana" setting (also called
"Wave Out Mix" on some cards)? This sends as your audio signal the *output*
from your soundcard, i.e. what you'd normally hear. I would have thought
that "Microphone" would normally be more appropriate...

Having said that, if you're _sure_ you want "Mix Ana" the solution to your
problem is as follows:

Don't use the Windows or Audigy Mixer controls to change the source! In the
rat window, below the "Talk" check-box, there is the name of the input
source. You can change this by clicking on the little black arrows. Rat
remembers this setting and automatically re-sets the audio source every time
it is started. Changing this value in rat DOES CHANGE the value in the
Windows mixer, but changing the value in the mixer DOES NOT CHANGE the value
in rat. So... make the change in rat, and you'll only have to make it once.

Hopefully that solves your problem!

A bientot,

/\ |) /\ |\/|

Dr Adam Carter, Applications Consultant, EPCC, The University of Edinburgh
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> Subject: [AG-TECH] Audio problem :rat and Augigy 2 ZS
>  Hello ,
> I have the same problem that  Larry Amiot in his mail  Tue, 30 Aug 2005,
> Im'using Augigy 2 ZS on a windows XP Pc to do videoconferencing multicast
> in
> full duplex. I want to record with Line-in connection .
>  In the Windows XP control volume record or in the Audigy mixer I select:
>  "Mix Ana(Ligne,CD,Audio,Tape ..)"
> When Access grid venues clients starts ,I click on a room I choosed , rat
> and vic start . all is ok .If I change room , another rat starts  .
> But every time a new rat is executed,in the Audigy mixer or in Windows XP
> control volume record , 'Mix Ana" is'nt selected  anymore , but microphone
> is selected , and I must choose back  again "Mix ana" .. It's anoying ...
> I can't keep "Mix Ana" for always ..
> Can you tell me why ? and what must I do  ?
> thnk's for your response

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