[AG-TECH] Geowall / Agave help

Tom Coffin tcoffin at ncsa.uiuc.edu
Tue Nov 1 15:10:06 CST 2005

What we do at ACCESS is the place the display of the Geowall
adjacent to the display of the AccessGrid - There are
experimental applications which can be initiated by icons
in the venue client of the Accessgrid - still you will
want the displays adjacent to each other to enable the
applications of video, audio and the visualization.

At 12:29 PM 11/1/2005, Anibal Vega-Montijo wrote:
>I am Anibal Vega-Montijo from the University of Puerto Rico Medical 
>Sciences Campus. We are in the process of building an AG node. We also 
>bought the equipment Agave/Geowall. How can we integrate AG with Geowall? 
>We are in a medical research enviroment so we like to have a collaborative 
>3d enviroment to view molecules, proteins, etc.
>Anibal Vega-Montijo (avega at rcm.upr.edu)
>Systems Programmer
>Center for Information Architecture in Research
>Research Centers in Minority Institutions
>University of Puerto Rico Medical Sciences Campus
>(787) 758-2525 ext 2193

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