[AG-TECH] Re: two posts to AG-Tech

Doug Bowman dbowman at mvoice.com
Mon May 30 22:45:33 CDT 2005

I sent an announcement last week to AG-Users and to AG-Tech and they 
both ended up on AG-Tech... are all listservs aliases for AG-Tech? ;-)

Doug Bowman
Mediavoice Communications Inc.

X. sherry Li wrote:

>Hey there,
>I send the same email to the wrong mailing list yesterday(ag-dev), so
>apologize for people who receive the same email twice. 
>I'm using a MAC G5 as the video service for AG. While everything seemed fine
>with 1 camera connected, I just could not get the 2nd camera working (both
>with firewires). The problem seemed to be that both cameras share the same
>name on the VIC device list. Whenever I unplugged one camera, the other
>camera would transmit the video feed to VIC. I just couldn't get 2 video
>feeds since there was always just 1 device listed under the Device. Has
>anyone else encountered the same problem? I desperately need help here since
>the deadline is coming soon. Thanks in advance. =)
>All the best,
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