[AG-TECH] Re: two posts to AG-Tech

Mary Fritsch fritsch at mcs.anl.gov
Tue May 31 09:30:26 CDT 2005


Although ag-tech is the longest running and largest of the listservs, it is 
not an alias for other lists.  Many of the other ag mailing lists of course 
sport some of the same folks as ag-tech, but these are very separate 
interest groups and lists.


At 09:45 PM 5/30/2005 -0600, Doug Bowman wrote:
>I sent an announcement last week to AG-Users and to AG-Tech and they both 
>ended up on AG-Tech... are all listservs aliases for AG-Tech? ;-)
>Doug Bowman
>Mediavoice Communications Inc.
>X. sherry Li wrote:
>>Hey there,
>>I send the same email to the wrong mailing list yesterday(ag-dev), so
>>apologize for people who receive the same email twice.
>>I'm using a MAC G5 as the video service for AG. While everything seemed fine
>>with 1 camera connected, I just could not get the 2nd camera working (both
>>with firewires). The problem seemed to be that both cameras share the same
>>name on the VIC device list. Whenever I unplugged one camera, the other
>>camera would transmit the video feed to VIC. I just couldn't get 2 video
>>feeds since there was always just 1 device listed under the Device. Has
>>anyone else encountered the same problem? I desperately need help here since
>>the deadline is coming soon. Thanks in advance. =)
>>All the best,
>|mary fritsch | mcs | argonne national lab | 630 252 5297 |  

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