[AG-TECH] AG security and multicast ?

Thomas D. Uram turam at mcs.anl.gov
Wed May 11 08:34:36 CDT 2005


I've generated documentation from the toolkit code, and posted it in the developer 
documentation pages:


Any of the AG components that are exposed via SOAP are represented by an interface wrapper 
('IW') class; for example, the venue server's SOAP interface is accessible via 
AccessGrid.VenueServer.VenueServerIW .  If you find that documentation for an IW class is 
somewhat lacking, you can look at the IW's symmetric counterpart, the interface or 'I' 
class (e.g. AccessGrid.VenueServer.VenueServerI); the 'I' classes are in some cases better 

I'd encourage people to take a look and, by all means, "write tools/add-ons and be happy". 
  We'll be adding to the developer documentation pages soon, to facilitate external 


On 04/13/05 09:48, Derek Piper wrote:
>     Hi,
>     Since the 'brainstorming' appears to have died down a lot.. What 
> about a published API for interacting with the venue server? Then we can 
> all go write our tools/add-ons and be happy. Good ones can be 
> incorporated into the main AG software, i.e. pass codes etc.
>     Derek
> Ivan R. Judson wrote:
>> The beauty of Adam's suggestion is that it's exactly what the AG team has
>> been trying to get enough time to build. This is the kind of work we'd 
>> like
>> to see -- but I don't believe the NCSA scheduler has been released yet 
>> for
>> others to hack on it. The work I believe is a small amount using the
>> existing interfaces that are available.
>> If this can't be done in short order, I support Brian's point that for 
>> most
>> users a passcode/password -- similar to what is used by conference 
>> calls or
>> web meeting software, should be sufficient _to gain access_ to the 
>> venue (to
>> get past the bouncer), but it's really of *no* use if the communication
>> within the venue isn't secure -- then as Jennifer points out, you're only
>> relying on obscurity.
>> Who wants to hack on the scheduling software (either NCSA's or a new 
>> one)?
>> That's where the interesting "automation" is. It won't solve all the 
>> ad-hoc
>> stuff, but it'd go a long way towards solving a lot of the mundane
>> problems...
>> --Ivan
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>>> My two cents...
>>> To bad there wasn't a way that when you go to confirm you reservation 
>>> in the AG Scheduler you must enter the DN of the site you will be at 
>>> to confirm your reservation.  Then, 5 min or so before the meeting 
>>> starts, a background process (something that can talk to the venue 
>>> server and scheduler) reads in the DNs from the scheduler for that 
>>> room and time and sets the ACL for that room for that given scheduled 
>>> time block.  When that meeting is over, the background process 
>>> removes that ACL for that room and creates another one for the next 
>>> meeting in that room.  If there is more then 30 min or so between 
>>> meetings then the background process just removes the ACL for that 
>>> period of time.  Just make sure all rooms are encrypted (different 
>>> key per meeting or something like that) and that should make it 
>>> pretty secure.
>>> At least in my head it does :-)
>>> Adam Taylor
>>> Computing Center
>>> University of Louisiana at Monroe

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