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As I understand it, vic will crash if the resolution of the camera is set to
more than 352x288 (or something like that).  For some reason, my camera
sometimes goes back to the default of 640x480.  

To fix this, you need to start a vic outside the AGTk, so that it is not
transmitting.  Then, press the "Menu" button, and select "Configure on
Transmit" from the "Options..." button in the "Encoder" section.  Also,
ensure that the correct device is selected under "Device...".  Finally,
check the "Transmit" checkbox.  You should be presented with a dialog that
will allow you to set your resolution to something like 352x288.

Note that once this is done, it should be the same each time you run vic, so
you shouldn't need to do this every time.  However, it may reset from time
to time.

Andrew :)

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> 	Hi all,
> 	I have a new node that's being installed and a WinTV PVR-150 card
> was
> purchased (by someone well-meaning, although we've never tested with it
> before). Anyway, the node is a Windows XP SP2 machine and I am using the
> latest Hauppauge drivers from the website. When vic loads and tries to
> transmit it crashes with just a 'Microsoft C++ Runtime error'. In order
> to get vic working again with a USB camera (a USB 2.0 K2, from
> GlobalMedia) I had to completely remove the drivers using Hauppauge's
> 'hwclear.exe'. It uses the Microsoft WDM capture thing which doesn't
> seem to like vic, although the USB K2 uses it and it's fine. I've tried
> removing all traces of the K2 drivers and just having the hauppauge
> drivers installed - it still crashes. So, I'm at a loss as to how to get
> it working.
> 	Has anyone had any luck getting a CX26881 based card like the WinTV-
> 150 working with vic under Windows? In any case, I would greatly
> appreciate anyone's recommendations of good video capture cards,
> preferably with an S-Video input, that they have found work well with
> vic under Windows for the AccessGrid.
> 	Thanks,
> 	Derek
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