[AG-TECH] International AG Sites

Risto Treksler risto at elkhornbanff.ca
Wed May 11 17:41:04 CDT 2005


I am emailing on behalf of someone who has asked me to find some AccessGrid
sites, so I thought I'd ask this list.

Also, is there a better venue for these kinds of questions?

Quoting John Graham <jrgraham at ucalgary.ca>:

I Am part of a CIDA proposal that hopes to do some ICT communication with
colleagues at a university in Iraq. I Am wondering if there might sites that
could facilitiate real time communiaction with SS202 in:
 1) Iraq (I have my strong doubts)?
 2) Amman Jordan?
 3) Istanbul Turkey?
 4) Anywhere in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus? 
   (Eastern Mediterranean University in particular)?
 5) University of East London, UK?

Could you advise? Thanks for this, 

John Graham, PhD RSW
Murray Fraser Professor of Community Economic Development
Faculty of Social Work
University of Calgary
Email: jrgraham at ucalgary.ca

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