Derek Piper dcpiper at indiana.edu
Tue May 10 16:38:54 CDT 2005

	Hi all,

	I have a new node that's being installed and a WinTV PVR-150 card was 
purchased (by someone well-meaning, although we've never tested with it 
before). Anyway, the node is a Windows XP SP2 machine and I am using the 
latest Hauppauge drivers from the website. When vic loads and tries to 
transmit it crashes with just a 'Microsoft C++ Runtime error'. In order 
to get vic working again with a USB camera (a USB 2.0 K2, from 
GlobalMedia) I had to completely remove the drivers using Hauppauge's 
'hwclear.exe'. It uses the Microsoft WDM capture thing which doesn't 
seem to like vic, although the USB K2 uses it and it's fine. I've tried 
removing all traces of the K2 drivers and just having the hauppauge 
drivers installed - it still crashes. So, I'm at a loss as to how to get 
it working.
	Has anyone had any luck getting a CX26881 based card like the WinTV-PVR 
150 working with vic under Windows? In any case, I would greatly 
appreciate anyone's recommendations of good video capture cards, 
preferably with an S-Video input, that they have found work well with 
vic under Windows for the AccessGrid.



Derek Piper - dcpiper at indiana.edu - (812) 856 0111
IRI 323, School of Informatics
Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana

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