[AG-TECH] Venue server using LAN

Jennifer Teig von Hoffman jtvh at bu.edu
Mon May 2 12:01:53 CDT 2005


I believe the Venue Management Manual provided by Argonne will give you 
the info you need to set up a venue server. It's here:


I'm unaware of whether anybody's documented how to provide a certificate 
authority, which you'd also need running locally on a LAN. Anybody?

- Jennifer

Wan Sin NG wrote:
> Hi
> I would like to setup two PIGs using my internal office LAN.  This is 
> because our multicast connection will not be ready so soon.
> I will like to give it a try to setup my own venue server instead of 
> connecting to ANL venue server via 
> https//vv2.mcs.anl.gov:9000/Venues/default.
> I am reading up the "How to install & configure AG2.3 on a PIG for 
> Windows" doc by Jennifer Teig von Hoffman but this assumes i can connect 
> to ANL venue server.  
> Can anyone tell me what do i need to do or point me to the right doc to 
> setup/configure my own venue server?
> thanks very much
> wansin

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