[AG-TECH] Running AG from CVS doesn't work

Michael Braitmaier braitmaier at hlrs.de
Mon May 2 10:54:26 CDT 2005

I tried to start AG from CVS today, following the procedure through
CvsSetup.py as well as env-init.bat

Furthermore I downloaded ZSI-1.6. and installed it by first building the 
windows-installer from the source package.
pyXML has been installed as well.

I got an error when executing the VenueClient.py:

from AccessGrid.interfaces.AccessGrid_Types import www_accessgrid_org_v3_0 a
s AGTypes
ImportError: No module named interfaces.AccessGrid_Types

I assumed it to be caused by not having the required type definitions which 
possibly are made out of the wsdl files.
So I executed the generate.bat file in the AccessGrid/wsdl directory, which 
didn't work in the first place as it couldn't find wsdl2py and wsdldispatch

I found similar programs in the ZSI site-package directory called 
wsdl2python.py and dispatcher.py and assumed them to be the right programs 
to generate the stubs.

Still I get the error as described above when executing the VenueClient.

So now I am a bit clueless. What could be the reason for this?
Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Dipl.-Inf. Michael Braitmaier
HLRS - Visualization / Video Conferencing
University of Stuttgart
Website: http://www.hlrs.de/organization/vis/people/braitmaier/ 

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