[AG-TECH] Using a bridge

Michael Braitmaier braitmaier at hlrs.de
Wed Jul 20 07:11:53 CDT 2005

This sounds to me like a firewall issue. The student has to open his
incoming ports which are normally blocked in firewall configurations
(outgoing-open, incoming-blocked). Thats the reason why you get his video.
He is sending due to open outgoing traffic, but he doesn't receive your vic
and rat streams due to blocked incoming ports.
He has to open a port-range of 4 ports dependent on the unicast bridge's
Regarding the already opened ports in combination with the IP, he possibly
needs to open the ports not for your computer but for the computer the
bridge is running on.


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Subject: [AG-TECH] Using a bridge

> I'm trying to get a student at the USGS in Arizona AG-ready for a meeting
> on Thursday. Unfortunately, there's no multicast capability there. So, I'm
> planning to use NCSA's venue and multicast bridge. He had the firewall
> opened there for IP, ports 30000-40000. Now, when he
> connects to the bridge ("use unicast", I can see his video and his audio
> pops up in RAT, but he's still not getting anything on his end. Is there
> something I'm missing?
> Thanks,
> Darin

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