[AG-TECH] Multi Display Cards Recommendation

John I Quebedeaux Jr johnq at lsu.edu
Mon Jul 11 08:34:45 CDT 2005

Hi Peter, I realize this is a month later... but going  back through  
messages I found yours.

Well, I can confirm this behavior as well with the product now having  
just gotten the card in one of our nodes to try. I haven't tried that  
resolution though, but have the screen corruption you talked about.  
Did it happen with any other application besides Vic?Any fix to this  
problem? Seemed to duplicate from screens 1 to 2 and 3 to 4. So we  
had to resort to the stretch  mode and since our setup was just 2  
projectors and 2 monitors we went with 2x2 such that the windows  
taskbar stayed on the operator monitors and had to drag stuff "up" to  
the projectors. Annoying for me, but worked.

Which OS were you doing this on?

Thanks, John Q.
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On Jun 9, 2005, at 8:49 PM, Peter DeSantis wrote:

> We used the new matrox PCI express variation of the (QID) matrox card.
> It works fine in the horizontal stretch mode, but in the  
> multiscreen mode the vic windows corrupt the screens all over with  
> screen courruption occuring as you drag windows around.  We tried  
> to use the multiscreen mode, so we could have1 screen for the  
> control monitor at a lower res than the other 3 screens.
> Also the pci express driver dont support 1400x1050 which is comon  
> in new projectors today. I emailed matrox repeatedly about them  
> upgrading thier drivers to correct the problem, but all i get from  
> them is that "they are not aware on any problems with the  
> product".  This is what i call "weasonable" behavior
> Peter
>>>      What Matrox card did you get that you weren't happy with? We  
>>> recently
>>>  got a Matrox QID card (AGP) in our node and it works great. 4 x DVI
>>>  outputs. We have a Matrox Millenium P650 PCI to drive the  
>>> 'operators
>>>  console' TFT, so it's a 5 display machine.
>>>      Derek
>>>  Todd Zimmerman wrote:
>>>> Hey all,
>>>> I'm just writing up a suggested hardware list and am not sure  
>>>> what to
>>>> suggest for a multi-out (tri or quad) video card - especially  
>>>> since the
>>>> last experience I had with a quad out card (from Matrox) was  
>>>> less than
>>>> satisfactory.
>>>> All of our display machines are G5's - so we just add a second dual
>>>> display card to get 4 outputs, which works well.  However, for a  
>>>> Windows
>>>> display computer, I'm not sure this would work.
>>>> Any recommendations??
>>>> Thanks,
>>>> Todd
>>>  --
>>>  Derek Piper - dcpiper at indiana.edu - (812) 856 0111
>>>  IRI 323, School of Informatics
>>>  Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana

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