[AG-TECH] Invalid Pointer Error

Douglas Kosovic douglask at itee.uq.edu.au
Mon Jul 4 23:54:02 CDT 2005

Hi Ashley,

> I cant seem to find vic on the computer (used find). It is not within the 
> Video*Services.zip files (as the rat is). I am thinking that maybe it is 
> not running because it is not there. Are you able to tell me where vic 
> normally resides?

Vic should be in the Video*Services.zip files, looks like I might have 
screwed up with the packaging for x86-64 FC3.

You could replace the Video*Services.zip files with the ones here:

They're only 32bit, but that shouldn't matter.

I'll fix up the FC3 x86-64 RPMs.


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