[AG-TECH] Invalid Pointer Error

Ashley Wright a2.wright at qut.edu.au
Mon Jul 4 20:00:22 CDT 2005


I have installed AccessGrid on a RHEL WS4 box. The machine is a dual 
processor Opteron Machine.  This is a default install of Redhat 4, with 
the compatibility libraries.

I have installed the x86_64 Fedora Core 3 version of AccessGrid and some 
libraries needed from FC3 Extras. This was done though configuring the 
repositories needed for AccessGrid and FC3 Extras in up2date, and then 
running "up2date AccessGrid". The install went smoothly.

My problem is that when I run "VenueClient.py --personalNode" I get the 
following error after the audio service is supposed to start.
*** glibc detected *** free(): invalid pointer: 0x000000000051305c ***

After this the VenueClient shows the participants but there is no VIC or 

Is anybody able to help me with this problem?
If you need more information let me know.


Ashley Wright
3864 9264
a2.wright at qut.edu.au
HPC and Research Support Group
Queensland University of Technology (QUT)

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