[AG-TECH] another quad capture question

Richard Naylor richard.naylor at citylink.co.nz
Mon Jan 31 23:36:58 CST 2005

At 12:04 PM 1/28/2005 -0600, Fred Dech wrote:
>other than the Winnov Videum, are any of you using other quad capture cards
>in XP with AG successfully ?  is anyone using the Windows card sofware
>to do non-AG capture as well?
>Sepctra8?  i've seen mixed success stories on this list.
>Webcam VC400xxx?

I have 4 Spectra 8 cards - 3 in our AG nodes. We took Osprey 100s out when 
we cut over to Spectras. We've been very happy with them. We order on teh 
web and they arrive a few days later, get installed quickly  - and work.

Have't had a chance to try other stuff with one, but will. I have to do a 
"big brother" type webcast with 6 cameras, so may try a spectra rather than 
6 encoders.


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