[AG-TECH] another quad capture question

Fred Dech fdech at uchicago.edu
Fri Jan 28 12:04:04 CST 2005


other than the Winnov Videum, are any of you using other quad capture cards
in XP with AG successfully ?  is anyone using the Windows card sofware
to do non-AG capture as well?

Sepctra8?  i've seen mixed success stories on this list.
Webcam VC400xxx?

we've been happy with the Winnov Videum, but one of our collaborators
purchased the card to also do non-AG 4 stream video capture and they
are having less than zero luck with Winnov support getting more than a
1 stream cature simutaneously with the shipped and the "new drivers"
simutaneously.  they are having so many problems with support that i'm at
the point of telling them to return the card.  but they'll need something
to replace it with...



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