[AG-TECH] another quad capture question

Fred Dech fdech at uchicago.edu
Fri Jan 28 12:46:50 CST 2005

thanks, Vic.
it's cheaper than the Videum 4400.  if continue to get nowhere with
Winnov support, i may suggest that they return the card and switch to
the Spectra8.


On Fri, Jan 28, 2005 at 01:25PM, Victor Babson said:
> The spectra8 is a lil' pricey but we've had nothing but success with it.
> Was using it on RedHat WS then switched to Debian.  It worked as expected on
> both platforms.
> --Vic
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> hi.
> other than the Winnov Videum, are any of you using other quad capture cards
> in XP with AG successfully ?  is anyone using the Windows card sofware
> to do non-AG capture as well?
> Sepctra8?  i've seen mixed success stories on this list.
> Webcam VC400xxx?
> we've been happy with the Winnov Videum, but one of our collaborators
> purchased the card to also do non-AG 4 stream video capture and they
> are having less than zero luck with Winnov support getting more than a
> 1 stream cature simutaneously with the shipped and the "new drivers"
> simutaneously.  they are having so many problems with support that i'm at
> the point of telling them to return the card.  but they'll need something
> to replace it with...
> thanks.
> --fred

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