[AG-TECH] capture cards..

Russ Wolf russ at bu.edu
Thu Jan 20 10:50:10 CST 2005

I just purchsed a few of these which seem to work fine.

the hauppauge ImpaceVCB board

I purchased the one with a single composite input and 3 RCA video 
inputs.  There are a few models and they are all "dual crystal" 
supporting ntsc and pal.

some of the tech specs on the chip:
The ImpactVCB board provides image capture from a desk top CCD camera or 
other analog input. Impact VCB board is a small 1/3 height PCI board 
based on the Conexant 878A video digitizer chip. It requires a 
bus-master PCI slot.


	--Russ Wolf, Boston University

Douglas Kosovic wrote:
> Hi Porfirio
>> I have problems to find capture cards based on 878 chipset.  I've 
>> tried to
>> find Hauppage WinTV and Pinnacle PCTV Pro without successful.
>> I have a machine with 3 PCI 64 bit/66 MHz (PCI-X slots) and 2 PCI 32
>> bit/33 MHz (PCI Slots).
>> I have read about some Osprey 100 capture card, but in the same case, I
>> think that is discontinued.
>> Do you have a suggerence?
> A standard Pinnacle PCTV will suffice, no need for the Pro version, 
> unfortunately, it might be discontinued as well.
> The BT878 based ProLINK PixelView PlayTV pro is still around, see:
> http://www.prolink-usa.com/english/product/mmpak/ppro.htm
> There are probably others still around.
>> I'm installing Fedora Core 3 in our Video PC.  I think that in this PC
>> isn't necessary have audio card.  The audio card will be managed by our
>> Audio PC and our Control PC (with the Gentner).
> It's probably most convenient to run rat on the same PC as the one 
> running the VenueClient.
> Doug

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