[AG-TECH] unicas question

Andrew Rowley Andrew.Rowley at manchester.ac.uk
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Access Grid uses incoming and outgoing UDP packets.  Whether this will work
will depend on your ISP configuration.  It could be that your ISP blocks all
UDP traffic to and from your computer.  Alternatively, it could be that you
are using Network Address Translation (NAT) on a router to access the
internet.  In this case you will need to tell your router to forward the UDP
packets on the appropriate ports to your computer.  Note that the way in
which AGTk 2.3 works means that the ports that need to be opened/forwarded
might change each time you use Access Grid, even if you use the same venue.
This means you might need to reconfigure your router each time you access
the room.  

Once you have selected "Use Unicast" from the "Preferences" menu, you can
find out which ports you need to open/forward by going to "Properties" on
the "Venue" menu.

If you tell me how your internet access is configured at home, I might be
able to give you more information...

Andrew :)

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Hello everybody,

We are working on a distance learning project and we would like to use 
AG.  One of the concerns is we want students to be able to attend class 
from home, where usually we don't have multicast.   I've been reading 
the documentation about bridges and the unicast option in the venue 

I have tried using this option at home and connect to the Argonne 
bridge, but yet I can't attend meetings from home.  What am I missing?  
Would anybody point me out to what it takes to use unicast ?

Another question: from what I've read, using unicast would allow users 
to start the media tools, but not the shared apps.  Is this correct?

Thank you!


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